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Biomentor Classes Online HD VIDEO

Following are the list of handpicked videos on Biomentor Classes Online. which you can watch online or download.

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Physics - System of Particles & Rotational Motion - 8

1. Radius of Gyration 2. Kinetic Energy of rotating body 3. Torque FREE COMPLETE VIDEO AVAILABLE at Biomentors Online Website & App Join this channel ...

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Chemistry - Aldehyde ketone and carboxylic acid Lecture - 7

1. Oxidation by organi per acid 2. Clemensen Reduction 3. Wolf kischners Reduction FREE COMPLETE VIDEO AVAILABLE at Biomentors Online Website ...

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Physics - Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Lecture - 2

1. Electrostatic potential due to a point charge 2. Relation between electric field and electric potential 3. Related numerical FREE COMPLETE VIDEO ...

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Biology - Evolution lecture - 1

1. Evolutionary biology 2. Meaning of evolution 3. DNA & Evolution 4. Ancient beliefs 5. Panspermia 6. Darwin & Evolution 7. Abiogenesis & Pasteu 8.

#Biomentors #NEET 2021: Biology - Evolution lecture - 2

1. Chemogeny 2. Evolution of Simple molecules 3. Evolution of Complex molecules 4. Oparin & Haldane theory 5. Miller\'s Experiment 6. Coacervates 7. Nucleic ...

Biomentors Commado Got AIR 46 | Know the Reality

Video Credit ©: Biomentors Classes Online Special thanks to Dr Geetendra sir/Er.Amar sir/Dr. Sanjay Sir. ⚪BM Family is a fan made channel of biomentors.

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